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Reasons Why Golden Palace Is The #1 Internet Casino

#1 Reason – Advertising = Name Recognition

— Naked branding is the advertising scheme of Golden Palace.  Last year they had a topless woman approach a golfer at a popular golfing event branded with the www.Golden internet address, and if you join Golden Palace you can see the behind the scenes photo of this very hot and sensual beauty.  They also have sent a guy streaking across a soccer field in Spain at a very popular soccer championship event similar to our Super Bowl.  This same man has streaked at other sporting events wearing nothing but the www. Golden Palace .com branding.  They also have advertised by putting their logo in black marker on the backs of boxers, the most famous being on the back of Bernard Hopkins in his fight against Felix Trinidad.  This kind of advertising gets them more players than any other online casino. People recognize Golden Palace and feel comfortable playing with a name they know.


#2 Reason – Reliability

— Their payout rates for their overall games are almost always over 97% every month.  Anything online above 95% payout rates is outstanding and golden palace is up at over 97%. Search the internet for reviews of bad payouts and you will never once find Golden Palace Casino. So you have a good chance of winning no matter what you play, and when you do win you can trust with 99.9% certainty that your payout will be fast and secure.  I have played, literally, hundreds of different times at Golden Palace and I can honestly say I never once had a problem with stolen money or money missing.  One time it took 3 days longer than it was supposed to for me to get my money and it turned out that it was my fault, and their customer support fixed the problem with no questions asked as soon as I told them the situation.  And that was only 1 time out of hundreds.


#3 Reason – Slots

— Golden was voted as having the best slots on the internet in 2003. They were voted #1 because their graphics are highly crystalized, fluid and resolute, because they offer a wide variety of slots, including flat top slots, multi-line slots, progressive slots and more, because they offer bonuses on their slots that are completely random and very generous, and becuase they have loose slot machines that win more often than other slot machines.  They use the Playtech software with which they share the progressives with the rest of the playtech casinos and that means huge huge jackpots.


#4 Reason – Blackjack

— This is my number one reason for liking golden palace casino. I think this is why Golden Palace has such a sticky retention rate from new customers.  When people sign up for an account at Golden Palace they end up staying with Golden Palace because of the blackjack.  They were the first to offer Live Blackjack via the internet and it runs smoother than you would imagine as long as you have a highspeed internet connection. This is where it gets addicting.  You have your own individual dealer, who is typically a beautiful lady with a great personality. You get to talk to her like you would an instant message program, you make jokes, talk your mind all while she waits to flip your cards whenever you make your ante.  But the other reason, the real reason why I love Golden Palace blackjack is because they have one of the coolest blackjack programs of any casino that allows you to play multi hands at one time.  Betting one hand at a time may make your money last longer, but betting more hands at once can get your bankroll up quicker than you can even imagine.


#5 Reason – Bonusues

— The most popular sign up bonus in the world is the 200% sign up bonus that doubles the amount of money that you deposit, up to $100 free.  This means you deposit $100 you get $200 to play with. Golden Palace was the first online casino to offer the 200% sign up bonus and they are still the most popular casino that offers it.  They also give out random bonuses to players each week, and they are good bonuses, not cheap who cares bonuses.  They also have the $25 refer a friend deal, where you would refer a friend to play and then get $25 for yourself to play with online.


#6 Reason – Poker

— The newest addition to the Golden Palace world is there newly renovated and highly populated poker rooms.  In addition to the vast selection of video poker they offer, they also offer poker for the real player, the player that wants to sit down at a table and bluff and wager and bet depending on the other players around them.  Golden Palace poker is included in their regular casino, it is downloaded directly from their main website, so you don’t need to go anywhere but their homepage to play, plus they give you 25% your intitial deposit to play with, yet another great deal from Golden Palace.


#7 Reason – Player Retention – Comp Points

— Golden gives you comp points that will keep you playing with them for as long as you are a gambler. This is how it works…

Comp stands for Complimentary. The more you play and wager, the more Comp Points you earn. Your Comp Points can be converted to REAL money and be added to your play balance at any time.
Every $10 you bet in any game = 1 Comp Point
100 Points = $1

This may not seem like much, but say you put in $100, you then play and play and play, and you will probably have wagered close to ten grand by the time you are through for the night, that comes out to $10 in free bonus money. With Golden Palace you will be playing 5-10 times per month so that could mean you get close to $100 extra in bonus money every month, on top of the $200 that they give you when you first sign up.

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